My name is Kate, I’m the mother of three kids, designer and founder of the GRIO Kidswear brand since 2018. With the birth of my kids, I have been looking for comfortable, simple,but at the same time stylish things for my children. Finding suitable models in the mass market, after a couple of washings, they did not look so stylish anymore))) and quickly wore out when worn. Some things had uncomfortable necks, zippers, or buttons. Having the greatest support of my family and triple inspiration by my children, I took this  big step towards my dream and creating simple and high-quality children’s clothing. Our mission  is the accurate research of natural fabrics and accessories in our work, natural dyes and biodegradable  packaging for our products. Our products are sewn in Italian and Russian factories.

Children are the greatest inspiration and incentive for each parent, they are our locomotive. GRIO kidswear means children’s clothes are out of fashion and time.

With love, Kate.